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Detective Club

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What's Dispatch Kids?

Developed by the makers of Breakout Games, Dispatch Kids challenges children ages 3-5 to learn their way, designing their own adventure through hands-on problem-solving in a fun, engaging, storyline-based game. Dispatch Kids is the only comprehensive, skills-based game developed along the popular Escape Game model that aligns with core standards for Kindergarten readiness and early primary grades.

The skills developed by playing this game mimic and prepare children for the cognitive, language, numerical, and social/emotional skills they will be tested on during Kindergarten screening and beyond. Repetitive play builds and reinforces skills learned in Preschool and Kindergarten classrooms.

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The Aspiring Detective's

First Mission

Coin Quest!
Coin Quest!
series one

Coin Quest!

suitable for ages 3-5 years

Johnny has lost his favorite coin and he needs your help! Retrace Johnny’s footsteps and solve puzzles to figure out where it went last missing.

Using maps, flashcards, and digital games you and your little detective will unravel the mystery of the missing coin and learn through hands-on problem solving.

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Why It's Important:

Dispatch Kids offers a unique experience for engagement between parents and children. Game play positively impacts cognitive, physical, social and emotional well-being in kids. Our goal is to provide a thorough story-driven experience that utilizes modern approaches to child play.

How Does it Work?

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Every story is packed with problem-solving activities that your child can work on, that build their core competency in the skills that they will be tested on in the earliest grades.

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Step Three:

Solve the Puzzle

From early numeracy and literacy, to social, emotional, and motor skills, this game builds critical skills for foundational learning while earning prizes, interacting with digital components and enjoying everyday play.

Did You Know

Did You Know?

Most brain development occurs before the age of five years old! By the age of three, a child’s word gap can be as great as thirty million, compared to their peers.

Play helps children learn social nuances. By playing together (and with parents!), children learn to predict and respond to another’s behavior and to interpret complex emotional states.

Learning occurs best when children are mentally active, engaged, socially interactive, and building meaningful connections. Games and guided play provide the right environment for essential brain development!