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Read With Your Child

Reading is engaging and fun

Activity #1

Finding the right book is an important first step! We suggest exposing your 3-5 year old child to books that:

  • Show word patterns: “Look at the cat. Look at the mouse.”
  • Match pictures and words. Children use the pictures to identify words they don’t recognize.
  • Contain a few words. Around 3-6 words per page.
  • Contain one sentence per page. Good books will contain a lot of sight words. Sight words are words that have no spelling pattern or a way to sound them out, they are words that have to be memorized (and, the, at, etc.).

To support your child’s reading:

  • Walk through the pictures first. Go through the pages talking about the pictures, and discuss what might happen next.
  • Point under the words. Model reading left to right across the page with your finger.
  • Read with expression. Make it FUN!
  • Point out unfamiliar words. Use picture clues to read unknown words. Match the word to the picture.
  • Ask questions. Does that word you read look right? Does that word sound right? Does it make sense?

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