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Number Recognition

Counting from 1-12

Activity #5

The following activities focus on recognizing, building, matching, and identifying theĀ numbers 1-12.

  • Parking Numbers
    • Draw parking spots big enough for matchbox cars, label them with numbers 1-10
    • Using masking tape, label matchbox car with numbers 1-10 on top
    • Have your child park the car on the matching number
  • Cereal Number Counting
    • On a blank piece of paper draw numbers 1-10
    • With your help, count and match up the correct amount of cereal pieces to the numbers on the page, placing them on top of the matching number
  • Cupcake Numbers
    • Using a muffin baking pan, place empty cupcake liners in each spot
    • Label the empty liners with numbers 1-12
    • Have your child put the number of objects (pom-poms, cereal, candy, marbles, etc) that match the number in each liner
  • Stacks of blocksĀ 
    • Make 10 stacks of blocks, placing them in order from 1-10 blocks high
  • Sticker Numbers
    • Draw numbers 1-10 on separate pieces of construction paper
    • Have your child place stickers on top of the number, following its shape