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Learning Shapes: Circle

Help your child identify circles

Activity #3

Below are some activities to perform with your child to help them identify the shape of a circle.

  • Draw circles
    • Use crayons or markers to draw circles on a piece of paper.
    • Shaving cream circles
      • Fill the bottom of a colored tray or dark plate with shaving cream
      • Make circles with your finger in the shaving cream
    • Chalk circles
      • Draw large and small circles on the sidewalk or driveway
      • Have your child walk around the larger circles or drive a small toy car around the smaller circles
  • Using play dough
    • Roll out circles from balls of dough or use cookie cutters to create circles.
  • Sticker Circles
    • Draw a large circle on a blank piece of paper
    • Using stickers, go around the outside of the circle, following the shape
  • Circle Art
    • Using a paper towel roll, stamp circles on paper with washable paint

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