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Let's do some color sorting

Activity #2

If your child is just starting to identify and match colors, focus on one or two colors at a time. We suggest starting with red and blue.

Use construction paper to sort colors: 

  • Place a piece of red and blue paper beside each other on the ground. 
  • Gather items from your home that are red and blue. 
  • Model how to match the red objects to the red paper. For example say, “This ball is red, it goes on the red paper." For the blue paper, model the same direction, "This car is blue, it goes on the blue paper.”
  • Ask your child questions like, “Can you match the red flower to the red paper?” “Does it match?” Is it red or is it blue?”
  • Continually prompt your child as they work through this activity.

For more advanced color sorting:

  • Have your child match more than 1-2 colors. Sorting more colors develops additional reasoning skills. 
  • Have your child collect the objects in your home that match the color(s).
  • Continually ask your child to identify colors of food, items at in the grocery store and objects you see while riding in a car.

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